Eyes open to a painting on the wall

He walks without spotting where she will fall

She sees the future without knowing all

The heavy crown placed on his head will stall

The gown sweeps the floor as suspicion grows

He listens to the woman with the ring

The girl finds herself facing many foes

A choir sings and somehow he is king

A baby is born as the brother dies

The lustrous crown no longer fits right

She fills the room of the dead with her cries

Skin feels like plastic and she knows they aren’t right

Maybe she does end up on the floor dead,

but that’s how life goes; it has to end

I wrote a Shakespearean sonnet mostly because I wanted to see if I could actually accomplish it. The poem serves mainly as a summary of a book series I’m working on. It helped to put my thoughts on the moments most important to the characters in order.

I did not actually think I could accomplish this so minus a few liberties that I took, I’m very proud I actually accomplished to make a somewhat cohesive sonnet. I liked writing the sonnet but I think I have more thoughts for just fourteen lines. I tend to like longer things.


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