Creative Essay

pismis_24(photo: Wikipedia)

It had to begin with an A. It was a calling, a wordless necessity begging to be upheld, a feeling that had always existed, even if I never knew until that moment.

My character’s name must start with the letter A. My science reading sat awaiting completion, but my mind filtered away into space. She needed a name. I had to provide the character of my life with a name worthy of all the obstacles I planned on having her conquer.

The try-hard across from me flexed her brow as she finished her work. She flicked her papers into a binder and pulled out a novel – a novel that I knew. A novel that exquisitely reached the depths of my soul. The cover  character’s eyes stared at me. The yellow cover folded and flexed as try-hard manhandled her book. The eyes still stared.

It was like the stars and the moon had come to life and they were all beneath me. Life filled my purpose. It handed me my golden ticket by planting that book across the desk. I chopped the end of the cover girl’s name off and replaced it with an ell. I finally had a name worthy of my creation.


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