Bridges are eye opening
They are more than just structures waiting to be repaired
They are things that allow you to unlock your dreams

They connect you to a world you thought you’d never see

Bridges are the key to opening your eyes

Whether they’re real or imaginary, they allow you to go, to move, to be wherever you’re supposed to

Bridges are more than just structures

They are the foundation of the dreamers

A bridge will take you to a new world

That action alone will swell your heart with joy

Bridges open your eyes to wonder, and wonder is such an amazing surprise



4 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. I really enjoyed this. I like how descriptive the piece is and how you took your perspective on bridges and turned it into something more. How you described your thoughts made it even more powerful.

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  2. I really enjoy this story because it shows the different meanings of what a “bridge” can be. Crossing a bridge physically and mentally can both be big stepping stones and I like how you make that clear. Also, is this an original picture? If so, it’s beautiful!


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